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The Legendary Champions Choice Line | Tips from Stock Show University

Daily care is a critical component when it comes to any livestock that might be in your show barn, including pigs. Within this Stock Show University tip, we will be covering the differences between the five Champions Choice products that Sullivan Supply carries and how they can fit into your daily care routines at home, at a show, or after the show.

Champions Choice – Sullivan Supply’s best-selling skin and hair conditioner for pigs. This product is an excellent daily skin care product that will aid in making pale skin pigs darker.

Champions Choice Lite – Sullivan’s Champions Choice Lite is a refined version of the original Champions Choice. Champions Choice Lite still contains as of the great conditioning ingredients as the original product offers, plus aiding in making pale skin pigs darker. Champions Choice Lite works best on days that exceed 80 degrees outside temperature. This product also guarantees that it will not clog the animal’s pores compared to other heavy oil products. Also, Champions Choice Lite contains Citronella, which is a natural insect repellent.

Champions Choice Advantage – Champions Choice Advantage forms an anti-microbial barrier of protection against mange & mites while conditioning the skin and hair of swine. It replaces essential natural oils and prevents dry, scaly skin. Good for sensitive skin animals and is excellent for white hogs. To use properly, apply this product all over the entire animal and brush in thoroughly after washing with shampoo. For the best results, use in conjunction with Champions Choice Skin and Hair Conditioner.

Champions Choice Shampoo – The Champions Choice Shampoo was designed to control mange & mites by preventing fungal and bacterial growth. This product is a safe, effective antimicrobial shampoo that replenishes and moisturizes the skin. Like the other products in the Champions Choice line, Champions Choice Shampoo contains a natural essential oil insect repellent. To use properly, wet your pig with water. After your animal is wet, lather shampoo over the entire body of the animal and rinse thoroughly. If you are using this product to control mange and mites, use twice per week.

Champions Choice Eliminator – Champions Choice Eliminator is ideal to be used as an after-show prevention of mange and mites on show pigs that have been in contact with other animals. If you encounter an outbreak of mange or mites, Champions Choice Eliminator is great to rapidly clear up those infectious outbreaks. The product becomes active in 30 minutes after application and is long-lasting, up to 24 hours with each application. This product is a very effective anti-microbial product that contains Essential Oils, Copper Ion and Zinc. For the best results, immediately apply Champions Choice Eliminator when there has been contact with outside animals or when removed from their natural environment. Spray over the entire animal and brush it thoroughly. For prevention, use weekly, or more often as needed.

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