About Us

We Stand For You.

Sullivan Supply is a stock show family owned and operated company founded in 1989 by John and Dede Sullivan. The company that has evolved into the innovative leader in livestock show supplies started in a 20×20 garage on the most meager of budgets. Twenty-eight years later the same values of hard work and family ties still remain. Sullivan Supply holds its central headquarters in Dunlap, Iowa with offices in Hillsboro, Texas and Lodi, California. Along with our retail operations, we work with a vast network of dealers to help bring our innovative products to as many customers as possible. As the popularity of Sullivan Supply products grew so did the need for expansion, in March 2018 the doors opened on a larger facility in Dunlap. The expansion allowed us to expand our manufacturing capabilities and increase the scope of our research and development efforts.

In 2010 in an effort to give back to the stock show industry Sullivan Supply created Stock Show University, a not for profit organization with a sole purpose to educate the youth of our industry on the proper techniques to show animals. Since its inception, the Stock Show University program has touched the lives of countless individuals through its two-hour demonstrations and two-day hands-on grad programs. Along with the Stock Show University program, the Sullivan Supply Distinguished $20,000 scholarship program was born. Each year our company awards 20 of the most dedicated stock show individuals with a $1,000 scholarship to be applied to their higher education efforts. To even further support our customers, we created The Pulse Powered by Sullivan Supply, the source of immediate livestock news and free customer advertising.

At Sullivan Supply, we know that building your legacy isn’t easy. It takes hard work, dedication and a never give up attitude. But it’s within these moments that champions are defined, and dreams come true. Sullivan Supply wants to help you build your legacy.