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Build Your Legacy

It all starts with a dream, which turns into dedicating early mornings, late nights, long days in the show barn and thousands of miles traveling down the road to the next one. The hours, sweat and perseverance put in to achieving these goals seem small in comparison to the bigger picture, as it becomes a reality. Although you may believe you are working toward the goal of banners and buckles, you later realize it’s for something much more. Building your legacy isn’t easy. It takes hard work, dedication and a never give up attitude. But it’s within these moments that champions are defined and dreams come true.

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Tail Adhesive

Walk the barn on show day and you’ll find the champions with at least two things in common with each other: attention to detail and Tail Adhesive from Sullivan Supply. You can’t miss the blue and white can with the monkey logo. It hits the target every time. Sullivan Tail Adhesive delivers unmatched holding power for flat-lying, hard-to-hold hair on legs and when shaping the tail ball. Count on it to dry completely and hold a firm shape in all types of weather with no fall-down when it’s time to apply a touch-up. Create a thicker-looking hair follicle by simply spraying light coats, and repeat after each coat has dried until you get the look you want. Put your family advantage to work. Try our Tail Adhesive today.

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