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Stock Show University Iowa Grad Program – Day Two

Professor Keaton Otto demonstrates how to clip the correct shape into a front leg.

Master Professor Josh Elder and Deb Vorthmann talk about the proper way to fit and clip a top line and tailhead.

Master Professor Tracey Coffland works with Renne Piekema to understand the clipping techniques on a rear leg.

Clayton Walker uses Sullivan’s White Powder’ful to fit the perfect tailhead.

Sam Jordan works on clipping the belly of his heifer.

Bode Drunkenmiller was showing off his skills today. Great Job, Bode.

Winners in the 14-21 year old division goes to: Best Fitter: Jenna Reeter, Best Clipper: Clayton Walker, Best Showmen: Logan Rozenboom, Most Determined: Renee Piekema, Most Improved: Pacey Hawkins, GO Getter: Kolton Knopp

Winners in the 8-13 year old Division goes to: Best Fitter: Bode Drunkenmiller, Best Clipper: Ty Recker, Best Showmen: Aubrey Snuggs, Most Determined: Sam Jordan, Most Improved: Hannah Woods, Go Getter: Kayley Lancaster.