Chuck McCullough

Cattle Professor

Chuck McCullough runs an operation with 150 cows, consisting of 40 purebred Maine and commercial cows. Every fall he holds a private treaty sale to market his calves, while also putting on the McCullough Fitting Clinics. His wife raises border collie, pomski, and corgi dogs. McCullough has had success with several champions with Hartman’s in Denver, sold the champion Maine steer at Iowa and Missouri state fairs all while helping his kids with their own successful show careers. The best tip he can offer youth is to train your hair to go in the right direction, which can prove to be the biggest challenge. All the hard work happens at home before the show when it comes to working hair. When asked what his favorite product is, McCullough was quick to respond with Game Changer. He feels that it is the best/neatest product that has come out. It makes the hair come out and gives it a deep dark shine while making the hair clip a lot easier and providing a smoother cut.