The Allen Treadmills are great equipment for getting your lamb and goats conditioned to take it to the next level. The unique treadmill is user friendly, with parts readily available, great technical support offered and the most experienced treadmill on the market. Offered three different body styles to exercise your sheep & goat on one piece of equipment the combinations or a customized option for each individual species! On the combinations there are wood inserts that narrow up the treadmill to exercise goats effectively! This Treadmill offers Variable Speed that goes up to a maximum of 6 mph at 220 volts. The detentions of this item is 6 foot long x 18 inches wide, weighing in at 530 lbs. One Year Warranty offered on all parts except for the belt.

S- Sheep
G- Goats
C – Combination

**Dropship Only – Not available for in store pickup.

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C, G, S