The G.O.A.T. Aluminum Goat Stand


The G.O.A.T. Aluminum Goat Stand features industry leading deck design features a one-piece aluminum construction that is laser cut and formed. It is large, measuring 54” long x 26” wide. Big enough for any task! The deck has been designed for high strength levels not seen in aluminum stands, with the addition of slip resistance (Super-Grip Texture Powder Coating) for the utmost in safety for your animal.

The super large 1.75” square legs, combined with the wide leg structure adds extra stability. All four legs adjust in height to allow for deck heights from 20” to 28”. Many combinations possible. Raise all four legs, or raise just the fronts. The maximum height saves your back while clipping young goats.

Other Features:
– Comfort Head Piece and neck are designed specifically for Goats: Head piece is set at the proper flat angle for goats. The low-profile round side bars of the head piece are set low enough to stay below the eyes of the goat. The head piece is designed wide enough to properly fit a goat.
– Angled-Back Neck reach allows room for working on neck and chest of animal.
– Adjustable neck extension adjusts the head piece from 21” to 40” above platform
– Safety back plate prevents injury to legs.
– Folds for easy hauling.

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Weight 49.00 lbs
Dimensions 54.00 × 6.00 × 26.00 in