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Prebiotics, Probiotics & B12 all in one ... this super charged formula is the first of it’s kind. Administer 10 to 15cc per day orally prior to travel to maximize the beneficial microbial flora within the animal. This super charged formula contains Prebiotics, Probiotics and B12.
• Prebiotics are non-digestible dietary fibers that deliver nutrition to microorganisms.
• Probiotics contain live naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms that replenish the good bacteria colonies in the rumen of an animal. Each 10 cc dose delivers a source of 8 Billion live bacteria cultures and 8 Billion live yeast cells. These beneficial microbes and yeast have many important modes of action, such as production of enzymes to aid in nutrient digestion and absorption.
• B12 boosts energy levels. Vitamin A has multiple functions: it is important for growth, development and maintenance of the immune system. Vitamin D increases the absorption from the digestive tract. Vitamin E’s principal role may be as a chemical antioxidant to reduce the destruction of other vitamins and essential fatty acids both in the digestive tract and after their absorption. This product also contains helpful levels of Niacin and Thiamine.
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Gives your show pig that massive fresh look on show day. Just mix one 4 oz. bottle with one gallon of drinking water to hydrate muscle and maximize top/side expression. Or use Purple Rain™ as a top dress to spike appetite in high-stress situations.
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MoorMan’s ShowTec Show Prep for Pigs is a unique complete feed designed specifically for feeding to show pigs the night before and the day of a show. Show Prep combines essential nutrients and components needed and desired for an all-in-one show feed formulated for feeding to finished show pigs during show time. In most cases, it eliminates the need to top-dress additional supplements, making feeding prior to show time easy and convenient. Show Prep provides the components necessary to keep show pigs alert, bright, and hydrated while enhancing fill and expression. Comes in a 5 lb. bag.
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This hoodie has a fun logo for the youth, available in two colors. 100% Polyester • Blue with orange & blue logo or Red with black & gray logo
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This athletic hat is one size fits most. The classic RLX logo along with Stock Show U on a heavy structured hat with mesh back.
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