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Brought to you by popular demand! Introducing Final Bloom, Revive Lite and Vita Hair Volumizer air fresheners. The scents of these products have become as popular as the products themselves. Now you are able to take your favorite product scents with you wherever you go.
If ordering 50 or more the price will be $3.95 each. (When ordering the new Final Bloom, Revive Lite of Volumizer air fresheners by themselves, shipping will be by the US Postal Service and depending on the amount ordered, most shipping costs will be under $3. The shipping amount will be corrected when your order is processed.)
Price: $4.50 

The Legendary Sullivan's Tail Adhesive Blue Monkey made his way onto a super comfortable retro blue shirt! Perfect for pretty much any occasion the Blue Monkey Tee will be a conversation piece to say the least!
Price: $15.75 

For Hogs, Sheep, and Goats • With Olive Oil, Pomegranate Extract, and the Vita Skin package, Sullivan’s Rejuvenate Shampoo is a great non-degreaser shampoo designed for small animals. Cleans while leaving key lanolin in place to preserve the wool, skin, and hide and is safe for everyday use, leaving the skin silky smooth without dryness or irritation. With its mild antiseptic and toning properties, Pomegranate Extract helps tighten pores and tone the skin. The Vita Skin package contains Vitamin E, the Vitamin B Complex, and Vitamin C.
Price: $34.50 

Oxy-Explosion is a technically advanced feed supplement that combines the best traits of many supplements into one complete nutritional package. It contains higher levels of essential nutrients than other supplements on the market at a lower cost per feeding. Oxy-Explosion contains Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Feed at the rate of 1/2 oz. per day to cattle, swine, sheep, horses and goats. 320 day supply.
Price: $199.99 

These straps are made from a durable double webbing nylon material with a heavy duty clip that will hold most anything tight. The straps are multi-use, in your stall, show box, barns or even at home. No more wire needed with these Handi Straps. Available in 2 ft. and 3 ft. lengths.
Price: $4.95