Undress delivers the safe and rapid removal of all show-day adhesives and touch-ups. Perfect for same-day refitting; NO Oily Residues. Features a powerful blend of dynamic enzymes that swiftly solubilizes, to dissolve show day products. Undress is biodegradable, water soluble and derived from natural plant-based resources. Recommended for all livestock

After Show
Simply spray areas where adhesives and touch-ups have been applied.
For optimum results, spray one leg of animal at a time and let Undress work into the hair for 5 minutes before combing.
During time of waiting, go to the next leg and apply Undress.
Continue in this manner until you have sprayed all affected areas.
Comb through the location of first application with a Smart Comb or Smart Scrub Brush.
When heavy adhesives, leg builders and touch-ups have been used, spray additional UNDRESS while combing to finalize the breakdown process.
Rinse thoroughly with water no later than 30 minutes after application
Shampoo with Sullivan’s Break Away After Show Shampoo.
Once dry the hair will have a crisp, fresh texture that is residue free for immediate fitting

If you are not refitting:
After drying the animal apply Sullivan’s Revive to the hair to repair any damage done during the fitting process.


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