Sullivan’s Undress, Gallon


Undress delivers the safe and rapid removal of all show-day adhesives and touch-ups. Perfect for same-day refitting; NO Oily Residues. Features a powerful blend of dynamic enzymes that swiftly solubilizes, to dissolve show day products. Undress is biodegradable, water soluble and derived from natural plant-based resources. Recommended for all livestock.

Simply spray onto areas where adhesives and touch-ups have been applied. Work into hair with a Smart Comb or Smart Scrub Brush. Rinse with water and shampoo thoroughly with Sullivan’s Break Away Anti-Residue Shampoo. After blow drying, the hair will be restored to a crisp, fresh texture that is residue free allowing for an immediate refitting schedule.

If you are not refitting:
After drying the animal apply Sullivan’s Revive to the hair to repair any damage done during the fitting process.

Each = 1 Gallon
Case = 4 Gallons


Additional information

Weight 8.85 lbs
Dimensions 6.00 × 6.00 × 12.30 in


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