Sure Coat Max, 32oz


Contains a natural-derived blend of humectants that seal in moisture and nutrients to the hide, providing the ideal environment for hair growth and a vibrant, show-stopping look. A blend of natural essential oils, including peppermint and thyme oils, stimulate circulation to hide, especially the hair follicle. This allows the nutrients and hair growth action of the Sure Coat Max blend to penetrate and get to work!

The Sure Coat Hair Max is a proprietary blend of natural extract which work on a molecular level during the hair growth pathway. This blend triggers hair to stay in the active growth phase of the hair growth cycle.

Ingredients such as coconut oil and olive oil contain a high concentration of omega fatty acids, highlighting the natural vibrancy of the hide from the inside out.

Directions for Use:
Step 1: Shake well and apply to clean, dry hair.
Step 2: Spray entire body daily.
Step 3: Work into hair shaft with Sullivan’s Sensation Comb.
Step 4: Let sit under fan to dry.
Step 5: Work hair with comb and blower.
Step 6: Place animal under fans.


Additional information

Weight 2.50 lbs
Dimensions 3.20 × 3.20 × 9.60 in


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