Stand Alone Chubby Cattle 2.5 Gal


StandAlone now comes in a “Chubby” version. Like all StandAlone Cattle products CHUBBY provides nutrients for optimal appetite, hair coat, joint and hoof health, and fat development, however, the new formula combines different sugars and oils than previous blends. StandAlone’s unique combination of protein, fat, sugars, nucleotides and minerals are speci?cally calculated to help animals to reach their full genetic.

Cattle: For steers and heifers under 750 pounds top dress 6 to 8 oz per head daily. For over 750 pounds top dress 12 oz. per head daily. For bulls and donor cows feed 16 oz. per head daily for ?ushing or breeding.

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Weight 25.00 lbs
Dimensions 9.25 × 7.50 × 13.00 in