Rite Flex, 10lb by Show-Rite


Show-Rite Rite Flex is a product that has shown great benefits in the mobility and flexibility of swine, sheep, goats, beef cattle, and horses.

This pelleted supplement is designed to optimize the overall performance of an animal by:
– Promoting healthy mobility
– Supporting motion and flexibility
– Supporting healthy bones and joints
– Supporting healthy cartilage and synovial fluid
– Supporting healthy skin
– Promoting a healthy immune system
– Contains no added copper so it can be fed to all classes of show animals
– Formulated with added selenium for supporting nerve, muscle, joint and metabolic function

Feeding Directions:
Feed according to the below feeding rates. Always supply a source of fresh, clean water.
Beef Cattle & Horses: Feed 4 ounces/head/day
Swine & Sheep: Feed 2 ounces/head/day
Goats: Feed 1 ounce/head/day

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