Ticket Punch® 5lb by Ralco Show


Super Hydration
Ticket Punch® is the purple punch that creates that extra ditch with a fresh look. This is the ticket to that 12 o’clock look when your project hits the ring.

Must-Have Product To:
– Maximize muscle expression
– Improve pop and bloom
– Support intake

What’s Inside:
​Electrolytes: Hydrates muscle to maximize top-shape expression.
Energy: Helps spike appetite and maintain stamina.

Directions for Use:
– 3 days before show day: Top dress 1 – 4 oz. per head per day.
– Day before show: Mix 4 oz. with 1 – 5 gallons of water and allow the animal to drink the mixture throughout the day.
– Day of show: Allow the animal to only have regular water to allow for maximum hydration.

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Weight 5.75 lbs
Dimensions 7.10 × 7.80 × 7.40 in