Aluminum Front Stall Panel, 8 Ft. Fixed


These front panels are a great way to customize your stall display. Functional and fancy! Use anywhere – in the barn or out at the tie-outs.

Side Stall Dividers securely fasten to these front panels to create a sturdy tie for your cattle at any height. (Stall dividers sold separately) The Sullivan Steel or Aluminum Stall Dividers will easily attach to the panels.
Height of each panel is 66”. Constructed of durable aluminum tubing. Solid aluminum sheeting at the bottom prevents bedding from pushing through.

Available in two different length panels:
1) Solid 8 foot long panel.
2) Expandable panel that telescopes from 5 foot to 8 foot in length. Adjusts in length for almost any stall size.

Accessories sold separately include: movable head-tie loop bracket, fan stand bracket to attach your upright fan stand. Sets up or tear down in minutes. Very convenient!

What comes with?
4- C Brackets

$30.00 packing charge added at checkout.

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Weight 70.00 lbs
Dimensions 96.00 × 2.00 × 66.00 in