Alpha Whip- Super Flex 33″ Black


It is extreme in every way. Its composite fiberglass shaft is comprised of the highest level of super flex materials that are stronger than many metals by weight. This composite shaft is encased in a black nylon weave material. New to the industry, is the Super Grip Rubber handle. This extra-long, tacky, nonslip handle is extremely comfortable. It reduces hand fatigue and allows for better control. The hardware at the end of the handle is comprised of a smooth, form fitted cap. The lash/popper is a reinforced, braided-in nylon that is 5 inches long. This creates a strong, but extremely flexible lash that allows for tremendous quick action from the end of the whip. The hinge joint that connects the lash to the shaft is reinforced with a hidden brass cuff, making it the strongest, most durable in the industry. The Alpha excels in strength at this location where others tend to fail. The Alpha Whip is all black in color and is available in 33” or 36” length sizes.

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Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 33.00 × 0.05 × 0.05 in


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