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It's Steer Time at the HLSR!

Judge, Jack Ward, selects his Grand Champion Hereford this afternoon!

Everyone is striving for the “Bow-legged H” brand over the next three days!

Cash Knueper waters his steer before heading up to the ring.

Austin Breeding puts some last minute touches on his Reserve Grand Champion All Other Crosses Steer.

Drew Schroeder dries her AOC steer this morning, prepping to go to the ring.

Jack Ward works through his first class of the day up on the big screen!

High Octane is the go to for John Michael Mehaffey and his daughter Hattie May when feeding their market barrow this morning.

Audree Bicknell dries her steer of this afternoon.

Kinlee Rathmann pulls her Grand Champion Angus Steer around the ring today, congratualtions Kinlee!

There were big crowds over on the Market Barrow side today as Wave 2 kicked off.

Fitting Contest Finals at the Oklahoma Youth Expo

Adam Erickson uses Sullivan’s Powderful to build a belly.

Jaxon Swink pulls out the big shears to get the offside leg clipped.

Kolin Quin uses Andis Pulse ZR Clippers to dial in on the back leg.

The Blakey sisters work together to get the back legs and tail done.

Carlee Clark uses Sullivan’s Ultra White Touch Up before clipping the bely.

Cora Sullivan takes her time to ball a tail.

Chancee Clark uses a Teflon comb and Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to pull the top.

Avery Blakey uses Sullivan’s Ultra White Touch Up Paint before clipping the top.

Thank you Kent Jaecke for taking the time out of your day to come announce at the fitting contest.