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Grooming a Leg
Start with clean leg hair. Comb through leg hair with a massage brush or Sullivan Comb in an upward direction to separate and break the hair. Spray a light coat of adhesive and comb to separate the hair. Let leg set and dry. While first leg is drying, go to the next leg and follow the same procedure. When all legs have been done, go back and spray on a final set, correcting any problems and completing the final look. When the adhesives are completely dry apply the Sullivan's Touch-Up of your choice. Note: At some shows color enhancement may be prohibited. Break down all adhesives with Sullivan's Hocus Pocus and wash out with Sullivan's Clear Choice Shampoo.
Note: When using any adhesive in extremely hot, humid temperatures it is recommended to cool your adhesives in ice or cold. This will keep your adhesive from gumming up allowing its overall performance to be better. In extremely cold temperatures adhesives will perform better when kept at room temperature.

Prime Time Adhesive™
Prime Time is our form of leg adhesive. Ideal for medium to thinner type hair, it gives the natural look with more holding power. Step up to Prime Time if hair is not well trained.

Formula 1 Adhesive™
The adhesive designed for a natural and clear look that you can comb through with ease. Hair clips off easily without clogging clipper blades. Formula 1 does not gum up comb or pull out leg hair. Can be used on legs or body.

Tail Adhesive™
The highest strength adhesive for use on tails. Go through procedure of ratting tail, spray light coat to form tail bush, let dry then apply a final heavy coat of Tail Adhesive to set the tail bush. Tail Adhesive also works well to build leg hair. To do so, shake can well and turn upside down. This will make your adhesive spray out in larger flakes. A hot can will flake out better. Apply to leg hair where a fuller look is desired. Spray on medium coats at a time, repeating the process after each coat has dried completely until the desired look has been achieved. After completely dry, apply the Sullivan's Touch Up of your choice to match color.

Final Bloom™
A “lite oil" for shine on the body. Spray on shortly before entering the show ring and blow dry for that final bloom. Final Bloom does not require washing out.

Black Finisher, Jet Black Touch-Up or Ultra White Touch-Up™
These products produce a natural black or white color without becoming too shiny or dull in appearance. Ultra White Touch-Up replenishes that beautiful white lost to faded or stained hair. Jet Black Touch-Up covers completely over gray, faded or red tinted hair. Black Finisher gives you a true, deep black color with a natural shine. They will not break down adhesives when applied on legs. When leg adhesives are completely dry apply Touch-Up generously. Touch-Up's larger flakes will create a fuller appearing leg hair. Wash out with Sullivan's Clear Choice Shampoo. Note: color enhancement may be prohibited at some shows.

Auburn Touch-Up or Brown Touch-Up™
These products produce a wide range of color depending on the number of coats applied. The more applied, the darker the color will become. They go on smooth and give the hair a thick, full appearance. Auburn Touch-Up is designed for shorthorn and brighter red animals while Brown Touch-Up is used on brown or very dark red animals. Remove with Hocus Pocus and soap out with Sullivan's Clear Choice Shampoo.

Styling Mousse Spray Foam™ (White, Black)
Styling Mousse is a lighter and faster drying foam. It will not mat hair but will create a thicker hair base and more holding power. To take full advantage of Mousse, be sure each coat is completely dry before applying another coat of Mousse or other Sullivan show day products. Used by professionals on show day, as a hair training tool or for clipping. Works great with Zoom Bloom for show day grooming. Note: Color enhancement may be prohibited at some shows. White Mousse dries clear so it will not change your hair color.

Zoom Bloom™
This show day product works very well in hot or cold weather, on long or short hair. Zoom Bloom brings out a lustrous shine and bloomy body along with holding power. Spray evenly on hair coat and comb in. Blow dry for 10-15 minutes to work Zoom Bloom to the full length of the hair. If more holding power is desired, apply Sullivan's Styling Mousse before your Zoom Bloom process. Zoom Bloom is a simple to use product excellent for show day clipping. Does not need to be washed out.

Liniment Hair Stimulator™
This terrific product chills the hide to make hair stand on end. Use as a hair popper for show day grooming or clipping. Mix 1/3 Hair Stimulator with another product such as Kleen Sheen, Zoom Bloom, etc., spray over the entire body and blow dry for best results. Not for use as a daily hair product as it can dry out hair.

This wonderful product is uniquely formulated for a safe and effective removal of show day products. Hocus-Pocus contains no harsh products that will burn the animal’s skin or hair. Simply spray onto areas where adhesives have been applied and brush in. Hocus-Pocus's safe formula allows you to leave in hair for days or wash out immediately. Hocus-Pocus allows hair to perform naturally upon completion; this is especially beneficial when re-grooming is needed in a short period of time. For best results blow out and shampoo with Clear Choice Shampoo.