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The miniature version of our popular Air Express III blower. Equipped with a single high powered, high efficiency motor. The power will surprise you! Only draws 11 amps of electricity. Includes the patented aerodynamic funnel front end cap design for more air velocity and the unique patented cartridge filter system. Includes supplemental heat booster to increase air temperature for faster drying. Available in all standard colors. Ideal for the small animal or pet exhibitor. Also handy for a variety of miscellaneous uses including blow drying the water droplets off of motorcycles. Mini Blower comes with a 15' hose.
Price: $279.50 

This handy new head piece is great for use at home or at the shows. It is especially valuable at shows when stands are not allowed because of limited space. It simply attaches to almost any fence panel with its unique ability to rotate 180 degrees and clamp onto either vertical or horizontal panel bars. Made from durable steel, yet is light in weight. Adjustable in height. Complete with headpiece.
Price: $79.95 

This NEW, composite sweating system features the benefits of neoprene and the durability of leather all in one deluxe unit. The removable neoprene lining is constructed of the same closed cell SBR copolymer neoprene material as our popular BLACK HEAT Neck Sweat. This material has been scientifically proven to be ideal to reach maximum sweating potential for cattle. It is sewn with a no-fray fabric binding around the outer edges to prevent tearing. The durable leather casing surrounds the neoprene to provide support and protection. Velcro attaches the neoprene to the leather, holding it firmly in place, yet allowing it to be removable for easy cleaning or replacement. Now with a larger leather casing shape that reaches farther under the chin and a leather nose strap that buckles tight over the nose. Exceptional support for the most sweating potential! Available in medium or large.
Price: $85.50 

This new leather wrapped handle pig whip demonstrates a rich sense of class. It is designed with black leather wrapped around the handle grip and is accented with a gold tone end cap. Features a black with gold metallic braid color design throughout the length of the shaft. It has a 6” frayed popper to maximize your pig’s performance while in the show ring. 39” length.
Price: $24.50 

Holding a show pig at a desired weight while maintaining freshness and fill can be frustrating. Stand Still was formulated from Bobby's secret recipe to make this painstaking task easier. Stand Still excels because it manages weight without the “look” of being held. To aid this, supplement 4 oz. of Fresh N Up. Feed this meal by volume, not weight. 40 lb. bag
Price: $61.50