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Great for the showman with smaller hands that struggles to grip and spray the can while grooming. • Features the exclusive full length designed FullGrip™ Trigger that makes it eight times easier to spray. Better grip leverage for any hand size. • More gentle on the fingers and hands without giving up the control of the spray. • Easily snaps onto can; easy off. The Handy Can Sprayer™ is made in the USA and designed with a hug grip that stays perfectly attached to the can. • Many uses: adhesives, touch-ups, Hocus Pocus
Price: $5.95 

This hat is available in Purple with forest green logo, Kelly Green with Carolina blue logo, Black with red logo, Red with black logo or Navy with yellow logo with one great fit! It has an adjustable back with a brass side buckle.
Price: $16.50 

This NEW, composite sweating system features the benefits of neoprene and the durability of leather all in one deluxe unit. The removable neoprene lining is constructed of the same closed cell SBR copolymer neoprene material as our popular BLACK HEAT Neck Sweat. This material has been scientifically proven to be ideal to reach maximum sweating potential for cattle. It is sewn with a no-fray fabric binding around the outer edges to prevent tearing. The durable leather casing surrounds the neoprene to provide support and protection. Velcro attaches the neoprene to the leather, holding it firmly in place, yet allowing it to be removable for easy cleaning or replacement. Available in medium or large.
Price: $85.50 

The Original M-T-G, it has provided quick and effective relief from numerous skin dermatitis ailments since 1938 and is recommended by veterinarians worldwide. Originally formulated for humans, this safe and easy to use product is the only one needed for relief from a variety of bacterial and fungal skin problems, such as: fungus, ringworm, rain rot, scratches and dandruff. An oil-based product that balances a drying and healing action with moisturizers, it keeps the skin conditioned, creating a barrier against the elements. Offers quick relief and visible hair growth in 3-5 days. Does not require washing. Safe and effective for use on cattle, sheep, swine, horses, dogs, cats and goats.
Price: $17.95 

This convenient 6.5 ounce can is 60% of our standard size cans and is easy to use for ANY age or hand size. • Improves your show day grooming techniques because of less hand fatigue, especially on long show days. Enables more accurate spraying and better control. • Easier to Grip - The smaller diameter of the Handy Cans allows for a stronger hand grip enabling your fingers to be closer to the spray tip for better leverage to spray. • A Better Feel. Fits snug into your palm and fingers for more comfort and less strain to your sensitive fingers. Requires less muscle strain and finger strength.
Price: $6.95