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8 oz. • Keep the gut in balance with Show Gun to promote intake
and health. Show Gun is specially formulated to keep your pig
healthy and growing. Probiotics ensure proper function of the
digestive system while essential vitamins and electrolytes keep
your pig hydrated and at peak performance.

Feeding Directions: Administer orally 2 ML (1 pump) per animal.
Repeat as needed.
Price: $39.75 

The #1 daily hair care brush just got a big brother. To complement the Original Smart Sensation, we are pleased to introduce the XL. The XL is a wider version with 10 rows containing 199 uniquely placed ball-tipped teeth. These extra rows containing a total of 54% more teeth creates more gentle, stimulating contact to the skin and hair with each stroke to stimulate the natural oils from the skin to coat the hair and promote healthy hair growth. The XL amplifies the volume of the hair as it lifts it up from the hide without causing curls, kinks or matting that are often associated with rice root or massage brushes.
Price: $25.50 

5 lb. Bucket (40 day supply) • Wool and hair quality is of the utmost importance in the show ring today. This new product has been shown to grow wool/hair but it also encourages skin health which is essential for a proper feel and optimum hair growth. Contains kelp and seaweed which has been shown to lower body temperature. Contains NO added copper so it is safe for sheep. Contains Ammonium Chloride to aid in the prevention of urinary caculi. Designed to be fed 60 - 90 days before show, with best results seen after 90 days. Feed 2 oz. (2 scoops) per head per day of this pelleted top dress.
Price: $54.00 

28 oz. Jar • Chill Factor encourages internal body cooling and a sense of calming. By supplementing higher levels of L-Tryptophan, and with Bee Pollen’s circulatory benefits, Chill Factor is able to “chill” the animal’s body temperature in a safe, all-natural way. This combination is epic for the livestock show industry: by better controlling body temperatures you can keep the animal looking and performing at its optimal level. L-Tryptophan is also known as a precursor to serotonin production which has been clinically proven to naturally calm and relax, thus leaving you with a more manageable animal. Chill Factor should be fed for a minimum of 12 days prior to showing for maximum results. Long term feeding for problematic animals (whether heat or attitude related) is safe and effective. Cool them down with Chill Factor! For livestock over 1,000 pounds, feed 2 scoops per day; under 1,000 lbs., feed 1 scoop per day. Jar is 40 to 80 day supply, depending on animal size.
Price: $126.95 

Constructed of 100% mesh fabric to allow air to ventilate through the blanket to the body for cool and comfort. This durable, tear resistant mesh material also acts as a shield from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays. The binding on the outer edges provides extra strength. Crafted with Sullivan quality materials and workmanship for long lasting durability. Designed with a mesh butt. Can be machine washed in cold water and line dried. Available in white, pink or blue.
Price: $32.50