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An elite top dress feed supplement to nourish the hide & exploit hair growth. Contains kelp and a unique blend of vitamins and minerals
that not only lower body temperature, but boost the skin condition to give hair a fresh, healthy look. Haired Up also features pepper extract performing as a vasodilator to increase circulation. It is melatonin-free allowing hair growth over an extensive period of time. Safe for breeding stock. Top dress 4 oz. (1 scoop) per head daily for cattle under 800 lbs. and 8 oz. (2 scoops) per head daily for those over 800 lbs. Best results are seen after feeding at least 60 to 90 days.
(45 to 90 day supply)
Price: $99.50 

A daily supplement for show pigs to aid in proper function of the digestive system. It features prebiotics, probiotics, essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and Ralco's key preparatory technologies, ActiFibe and Senergy Essence. The most important aspect of feeding is good gut health enabling better feed efficiency and nutrient absorption. Bac Attack promotes overpopulation of good bacteria in the digestive tract, crowding out unwanted pathogens that hinder performance. Feed 1 oz. per day. Do NOT feed to sheep. (80 day Supply)
Price: $37.95 

A true fashion statement! Authentic alligator or ostrich skins attached to leather hide backing and finished with chrome plated studs. Easily clips onto belt or pocket.
Price: $24.50 

Lactanase supports healthy muscle function and metabolism in horses. It supplies nutrients important for the formation of acetyl co-enzyme A, the key to efficient energy release from both carbohydrates and fats. This supports the animal to be shown at a higher potential with more flexibility and energy. Top dress two packets per day for two days prior to show and one packet three hours immediately before show. 25 gram packet.
Price: $10.95 

This hanger is designed to hold up to 4 feed buckets. It simply mounts onto your Sullivan’s Steel Showcase hanger. Height is adjustable for your convenience and angled for easier access. Made from a lightweight steel
that adjusts from 9 inches to 15 inches to accommodate most any size feed bucket. Show box sold separately.
(Feed buckets are for display only - not included.)
Price: $85.00