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The miniature version of our popular Air Express III blower. Equipped with a single high powered, high efficiency motor. The power will surprise you! Only draws 11 amps of electricity. Includes the patented aerodynamic funnel front end cap design for more air velocity and the unique patented cartridge filter system. Includes supplemental heat booster to increase air temperature for faster drying. Available in all standard colors. Ideal for the small animal or pet exhibitor. Also handy for a variety of miscellaneous uses including blow drying the water droplets off of motorcycles. Mini Blower comes with a 15' hose.
Price: $295.00 

Easy Scoop 2 manure fork with aluminum telescoping handle. Perfect for cleaning up after small livestock.
Price: $19.95 

New Colors!! A special, soft absorbent chamois that allows you to dry your lambs when electricity is not available. Machine washable.
Price: $6.95 

The New Staggered Bristle Roto Brush has rows with staggered lengths of bristles, one row with long, the next row being 1/4” shorter. The short-cut rows allow the long bristles to work deeper into the hair. This creates more lift and volume to the hair, prevents the matted look and invigorates gentle stimulation to the hair base for new hair growth and faster hair training. The short rows are cut to a length 1/4” shorter. Lime green color allows for easy visual while working with all hair colors. The soft, gentle grade of synthetic bristles prevents the brush from being too harsh as compared to stiffer roto brushes that can scratch and irritate the hide. Lock nut keeps the brush securely tight and free from spinning loose. Flat side of bolt allows it to lock tight in the drill and keep from spinning loose.
Regular Price: $22.50
 On Sale For: $20.25 

This ¾ zip pullover with hood has a great fit with a kangaroo pouch. It is one of our very popular items. Made of 70% Cotton/30% Polyester • Salt and pepper hoodie with navy logo.
Price: $42.50