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You will make a statement when you step into the ring with a Crystal Handle Pig Whip. The handles are wrapped and decorated with genuine Czech perciosa crystals and then finished with a classy aluminum milled end cap. The shafts are covered in high quality braided wrapped materials, with eye catching color combinations. Whips are 39” in length with a 6” frayed popper that is designed to assist in lifting your pig’s head for maximum show ring appearance. Four color choices.
Price: $34.50 

The Sullivan’s “Shorty” Stall Dividers are the perfect companion to our original stall dividers.
The “Shorty” Stall Dividers are great to use in between your 8ft dividers leaving more room behind your stall while keeping your cattle in line. An added bonus to these dividers is that the stall matt will easily fit through the bottom section, allowing you to use the same mat for two or more stalls depending on your mat length.
Place original 8ft dividers at each end of your stalling space, then use the “Shorty” Stall Divider to split up your cattle in between.
Size: 42"H x 48"W x 36"H
Price: $134.50 

This Complete Double Blower Cart Package includes all the pieces to set up a double blower system.
• 2 Sullivan’s Air Express III Blowers (Hoses not included.)
• 1 Sullivan’s Totally Tuned™ Double Blower Cart included.
• 1 large 2” diameter x 15 ft. long hose included.
• 1 6 ft. hose extension included.
Price: $1,089.50 

An elite top dress feed supplement to nourish the hide. Contains kelp and a unique blend of vitamins and minerals. It is melatonin-free. Safe for breeding stock. Top dress 4 oz. (1 scoop) per head daily for cattle under 800 lbs. and 8 oz. (2 scoops) per head daily for those over 800 lbs. Best results are seen after feeding at least 60 to 90 days. (45 to 90 day supply)
Price: $99.50 

A unique blend of amino acids and Ractopamine. Shape Em Up Plus is formulated with essential vitamins and minerals. It safely develops muscle mass and definition. For market hogs only. Top dress 2 oz. per 6 lbs. of feed. (9 gm Ractopamine per head complete diet) Choose 5 lb. bucket (30 day supply) or 20 lb. bucket (120 day supply).
Price: $49.95