Refurbished Items Information

Does Sullivan Supply sell used or refurbished items?
    Yes, we have a large inventory of used clippers. We often receive used blowers on trade, also, but it is best to call and check the availability. When we receive an item, we replace what needs to be fixed before allowing it to be for sale. All clippers are priced with a set of used, quality blades. All used clippers and blowers come with a ninety day warranty on the motor only.


What do refurbished items cost?
    The cost of our used clippers and blowers depends on the brand and condition of the item.


Repair Information

We can repair clippers, blowers, and fans. Simply send in your product with your name, contact information, method of payment, and a note stating the issue of the product. The cost will vary, depending on the severity of the issue and the parts needed.


Does Sullivan Supply sharpen blades?
    Yes, we sharpen both small and large clipper blades. The cost is $7.50 per set and shipping is roughly $10.00


How to Order

By Phone:
Before you call, please have your credit card and expiration date handy, and then call our toll free number. COD orders must be paid with cashier’s check or money order only.

By Mail or Fax: Please include your customer number, credit card number, or money order with your order. Fax orders are always welcome. Credit card orders only.

On the World Wide Web: Browse through our catalog on the internet at

We can also be reached by e-mail:      Iowa location:

                                                            Texas location:


Payment Information

At Sullivan Supply, we accept cash, major credit or debit cards, cashier’s check or money order (US funds), and gift certificates. A $10.00 fee is applied when we ship an order by COD. Sorry,
as of October 1, 2008 we no longer accept checks as a form of payment.


Do you have a 911 Address? We want to make sure that you get mailings from us. If you have
a new 911 address, please let us know so that we can update our mailing list.

Product Differences & Other Information

What is the difference between Sullivan’s Black Finisher and Sullivan’s Jet Black Touch-Up?
    Black Finisher delivers a shinier appearance that most people use for your animal’s coat. Jet Black Touch-Up appears to be duller and is commonly used on hooves. 

What color of touch-up should I use for my Herefords? For my Shorthorns?
    Sullivan’s Crimson Red Touch-Up is usually used on Shorthorns or very dark red animals. Sullivan’s Brown and Auburn Touch-Ups are for Herefords. However, the color of the paint can
be adjusted depending on how many coats you apply.

What is the difference between Sullivan’s Fungus Fighter and Sullivan’s Anti-Fungus Shampoo?
    Fungus Fighter is for animals that already have ringworm, foot rot, or some other type of fungus, while the Anti-Fungus Shampoo is a preventative measure. 

What is the difference between Sullivan’s Bright Lights Whitening Shampoo and Sullivan’s Stain Buster Liquid Bluing Shampoo?
    Bright Lights is a basic shampoo and is most commonly used to brighten white hair, but it also can improve all colors of hair. It is very important to follow the directions printed on the bottle when using Bright Lights. Stain Buster is more for eliminating spots on animals. 

When can I use the Sullivan Stimulator combs?
    Our Stimulator combs are a great comb for everyday use or on show day for getting through hair that does not have adhesive in it. The Stimulator comb should not be used on areas that have been sprayed with adhesive. 

What size of showstick do I need?
    When determining the size of showstick needed, an exhibitor should consider his/her height, as well as the size of the calf. The showstick should be shoulder height. 

What is the difference between Sullivan’s Turbo Fan and Sullivan’s Showbarn Fan?
    Our Turbo fan outputs more air than the Showbarn fan, but the Showbarn fan is quieter because of its deeper cage. 

What is the output of Sullivan’s Arctic Circle and Sullivan’s Arctic Fan Cage Kit?
    The Arctic Circle puts out one half-gallon of water per hour, while the Arctic Fan Cage Kit dispenses one gallon per hour. 

How often do I need to reapply Sullivan’s Stall Freshener?
    One bottle of the Stall Freshener per week should be used. 

What can I do about clogged tips on my misting system?
    A first step is to purchase the Sullivan’s Misting Filter. This filters out particles that can cause clogging. Other solutions are soaking the tips in vinegar or a product named CLR, which can be purchased at your local hardware store. 

What is the difference between Sullivan’s Cool Collar and Sullivan’s Arctic Ice Pack?
    The Cool Collar is used at home more often than shows. A great way to use this product is to have one collar in the freezer, while the other is on the calf. The Ice Pack is used at shows about thirty minutes before going into the show ring to keep your animal cool. 

What is the difference between Sullivan’s Cadillac Sheep Stand and Sullivan’s Steel Sheep Blocking Stand?
    On the Cadillac Sheep Stand, the feet and legs adjust. This feature is not available on the Steel Sheep Blocking Stand. 

How can I shine up my galvanized or aluminum show box or dolly box?
    Sullivan’s Final Bloom is an excellent way to shine your box before heading to the big show.

Do blowers fit in the showcase show boxes?
    No, blowers do not fit in the showcase show boxes. 

Do the Clip-On Feeders come with the clips?
    Yes, each feeder comes with two clips. Additional clips can be purchased, also. 

What is your most popular hog showing tool?
    This can vary by different regions of the country. However, our White or Leather Handle Whip with Chrome Tip look the most professional and are our top sellers.

When is the Jowl-Reducer product the most effective?
    For best results, this product should be used two weeks before the show. This product is used
to develop a more youthful appearance in market hogs.

Facts about Sullivan’s Show Pig Supplies:

Sullivan’s Hog Heaven: A water-based product that delivers shine, not an oily look. For best results, use daily with Swine Shine or Sudden Impact.

Sullivan’s Sudden Impact: An oil-based product that is a great skin conditioner. Can be used daily or at shows that allow oil-based products.

Sullivan’s Swine Shine: An oil-based product that can be used as a skin and hair conditioner. Also adds bloom and should be used daily for best results. Spray Swine Shine on entire animal, brush in, let set for thirty minutes, and then rinse off with water.

Sullivan’s White Out: A water-based product that is used to enhance white hair. Simply spray on,
let dry, and brush off.

Supplements, Paste, etc. Information

What is the best product to feed my cattle for improved hair growth?
Hide and Hair or Flair.
What is the best overall, complete product for my animal?
    Oxy-Explosion and Show Bloom are both great products that can be used as a complete supplement. These supplements are approved for cattle, swine, sheep, horses, and goats. 

How long before showing should Sullivan’s Show Cattle, Show Pig, or Show Sheep Pastes be administered?
    These calming products should be given to your animal two to three hours before showtime.
The effects should last about four hours.

Clipper & Blade Information

Which oil do I need for my clipper?
    This depends on the size of your clipper. If you have a smaller clipper, such as an Andis Super 2-Speed or comparable model, you will want to use Sullivan’s Extend Clipper Lube. With a larger clipper, like an Aesculap flathead or Wahl/Lister flathead clipper, one should use Sullivan’s Endurance Oil and Sullivan’s Clipper Grease.

 What products do I need for sharpening blades?
    You will need Sullivan’s Lazer Blade Sharpener, as well as many other accessories. These include: Sullivan’s Blade Sharpening Grit (Fine and Coarse), two Blade Sharpening Magnets, Final Bloom, Extend clipper lube, and Sullivan’s Anti-Fungus Equipment Dip. (The Lazer Blade Sharpener should NOT be used to sharpen smaller blades as the machine is not equipped for smaller blades.) 

What blade do I need to use with the Speed-O-Guides or Wahl Stainless Steel Attachment Guide Combs? What are these combs used for?
    A standard Oster or Andis #10 blade should be used with these guide combs. These guides
are often used for clipping pigs when a certain hair length is desired. They can also be used when clipping cattle to help prevent errors or for a novice fitter.

Which combs can I use for my sheephead clipper?
     For a sheephead, select our E-Z Clipping Guard, which can be used on any three inch sheephead clipper. 

What blade do I need?

For smaller clippers:

-Face & Neck: Andis Medium Blending blade, Wahl Ultimate X-Blend blade
-Neck: Andis 5/8 HT blade
-Legs: Andis Super Blocking blade, Ultimate X-Block blade

-Using Guides: Andis Standard #10 blade, Oster Standard #10 blade
-Not Using Guides: Andis 3-¾ FC blade 

For larger flathead clippers:

-Heads & Necks: Oster Standard 83/84 AU Set or Wahl/Lister Fine blade
-Legs: Wahl/Lister 20 Tooth SS blade or Wahl/Lister 13 Tooth SS blade
-Body: Lister Hog Blade (½ inch or ¾ inch)

Pigs: Lister Hog Blade (½ inch)

Goats: Lister Hog Blade (½ inch or ¾ inch) 

For larger sheephead clippers:

(A powerstroke cutter is always needed when using a sheephead clipper.)

-Legs: Sullivan’s Blocking Comb or Sullivan’s Edge Thin Comb
-Heads: Sullivan’s Bevelled Comb (for experienced fitters only)

-For rough shearing: Oster Arizona Thin Comb
-For slick shearing: Sullivan’s Bevelled Comb (for experienced clippers only) 

What blade will come with the clipper I am ordering?

Andis Excel 5-Speed clipper,
Andis AGP Super 2-Speed clipper,
Andis UltraEdge AGC Super 2-Speed clipper,
Andis AGC Super 2-Speed clipper,
Andis AGR+ Cordless clipper: 
            Wide: Andis Super Blocking blade
            Narrow: Andis Standard #10 blade

Andis AGRC PowerGroom clipper: Andis Super Blocking blade

Andis Deluxe Groom clipper: Andis Standard #19 blade

Andis Progress clipper: Andis 31-23 blade set

Andis Handy clipper: Andis 31-23 blade set

Andis Sheep Shear clipper: Sullivan’s Bevelled Comb

Wahl/Lister Legend clipper,
Wahl/Lister Star clipper,
Wahl/Lister Laser Hairhead clipper:
            Wahl/Lister Fine blade

Wahl/Lister Laser Sheephead clipper:
Wahl KM2 Speed clipper,
Wahl Switchblade Variable Speed clipper: 
            Wide: Andis Super Blocking blade
            Narrow: Andis Standard #10 blade 

Premier 4000 Hairhead clipper: Premier Fine blade

Premier 4000 Sheephead clipper: Sullivan’s Bevelled Comb 

Oster Showmaster clipper: Sullivan’s Bevelled Comb

Oster Shearmaster clipper: Sullivan’s Bevelled Comb

Oster Clipmaster clipper: Oster 83/84 AU set

Oster PowerPro Ultra Cordless clipper: Oster Opti-Block TDQ Wide blade

Oster Turbo A-5 clipper: Oster Standard #10 blade

What is meant by “Andis Narrow” and “Andis Wide?”
    The clippers are the same, but the blades are different. Any clipper that says “with Narrow blade” comes with a standard #10 blade, while “with Wide blade” comes with a Super Blocking blade. 

Do you carry the P7112 blade?
    Yes, our Sullivan Bevelled Comb is the same blade. 

Are my blades interchangeable with a different brand of clipper?
~All Andis UltraEdge and Oster A-5 blades can be used interchangeably.
~The Andis Deluxe Groom blades can be used on the Andis Deluxe Groom clipper ONLY.
~All Andis Progress & Handy blades can be used on the Oster Clipmaster.
~All Wahl/Lister and Premier hairhead blades can be used interchangeably.
~The Lister Hog Blade can be used on the Legend and Star, as well as Premier.
~The Wahl/Lister 20 & 13 Tooth Wizard blades can be used Legend, Star and Laser hairhead clippers.
~All Sullivan Clipper Blades can be used on any sheephead clipper.
~All Oster Sheephead blades can be used on any sheephead clipper.
~The Oster TDQ blades can only be used with the Andis Super 2-Speed, Oster PowerPro, and Wahl KM2

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