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Getting your animal to the condition you want can be a stressful situation when they are sluggish eaters or simply won’t eat. With Sullivan’s Devour It let worrying about consumption be a thing of the past. Devour It is specifically formulated to enhance appetite and get your animal on track. The all-natural ingredients in Devour It includes natural oil extracts from garlic and cinnamon. These natural oils change the microbial community in the rumen, increasing the availability of peptides and amino acids, which stimulate the growth of important rumen bacteria, this results in rumen efficiency, reduces incidence of bloat and increases gain. Devour It also contains Vitamin B12, resulting in boosted energy levels to combat fatigue and sluggishness during times of stress. 12 lb. bucket. 120 day supply.
Feeding Directions: Feed 1oz per head per day top-dress. Feed every day to keep your animals appetite active. If your animal is off feed use Sullivan’s Show Road Appetite Express + paste in conjunction with Devour It to replenish the good bacteria in the rumen allowing your animal to get back on track faster.

Price: $86.75 

Cordless shears with 2 interchangeable heads. New BLDC motor powered by Bosch. Uses 18v Bosch Lithium Ion technology. Interchangeable with your existing 18v (BC660) charger. Fast blade speed with the power of your corded equipment without the cord! German manufactured heads for excellent quality! This include 2 Bosh 18v 2.0AH batteries and charger. Drop ship item only.
Price: $679.00 

Sullivan's Fitters Guard was designed for fitters in mind. This guard allows you to fit your animal in the stall while keeping them standing still and you protected. This easy to assemble stall fitting guard is quick to install and easy to adjust at any time.  Adjustments include the width adjustments of 34” OD-44” OD length adjustments from 34” OD – 57” OD and side bar adjustments 30” – 50”. It quickly folds up for a space saving storage mode.  For use only on animals that are broke and are used to being groomed. Do not use without securing it to front panels.
Directions: Unfold the fitters guard. Make width adjustments and then place into desired stall area. Use provided Handi Straps to attach the stall chute to existing panel/ or screw in with Fitters Guard Brackets (sold separately). Once the front section is secured to the front panel adjust the length and height of your side bars.  Comes with 4-36" Handi Straps for quick secure. (3rd picture includes a model of the fitters guard folded)

Front width
• Closed - 34" OD
• Open - 44" OD
Base length
• Closed - 34"
• Open - 57"
Side Bars
• Down - 30" from ground
• Up - 47" from ground

Price: $378.50 

Want more working space at shows or at home? Sullivan's Pen Station provides additional above pen storage for up to 250 lbs. The aluminum platform adjusts to fit pens 4 1/2 to 6 feet, with a power-coated base and steel brackets for longevity. Have more than one pen? Sliding brackets enable you to connect multiple Pen Stations. Weighing only 50 lbs., each Pen Station comes with a handle for easy transport.
Price: $299.99 

Mom's Performance Sheep Body Tubes

Experience the Difference! 

Made of Tricot Poly Spandex with a four-way stretch. The tight fit allows for a comfortable wear and good lateral movement in a durable package. Also, sewn with finished seams made with durable thread designed for everyday wear and tear.  Available in six color options including three new exciting patterns! Choose your size and color below! 3 solid colors available! New Fit with larger leg openings! Finished edges and 4-way stretch elastic allow for more wears throughout the show season!

-Machine Washable.  -Breathable.  -Durable S/S Logo. 

X-Small (50-80 lbs)
Small (80-115 lbs)
Medium (115-135 lbs)
Large (135-160 lbs)
X-Large (160-180 lbs)

Price: $22.50 


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