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The Sullivan’s “Shorty” Stall Dividers are the perfect companion to our original stall dividers. The “Shorty” Stall Dividers are great to use in between your 8 ft. dividers leaving more room behind your stall while keeping your cattle in line. An added bonus to these dividers is that the stall matt will easily fit through the bottom section, allowing you to use the same mat for two or more stalls depending on your mat length. Place original 8 ft. dividers at each end of your stalling space, and then use the "Shorty” Stall Divider to split up your cattle in between. Size: 42" H x 48" W x 36" H

Price: $138.50 

Sure Coatby Sure Coat Solutions, LLC, with Sullivan’s Vita Hair. Sure Coatpromotes hair growth in a flake free formula that utilizes natural oils geared for feeding hair follicles. The nutrient molecules in this product are small enough to be absorbed by the hair shaft, promoting quick hair growth.Sure Coatby Sure Coat Solutions, LLC, is a concentrated blend of natural essential oils designed to promote hair growth and healthy skin on a cellular level. Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Lanolin, Tea Tree Oil and many other natural oils work together to promote the natual shine and luster of skin and hair. Select single or case and specify quantity below.
Price: $32.50 

Restore is an extraordinary electrolyte supplement created for optimum fill and hydration while at home and on the road. This high-energy electrolyte replenishes the hydration of the animal and restores depleted muscle cells making them fuller and more hydrated. The flavor additive makes Restore a great way to get animals to drink on the road, helping mask the smell and taste of different water supplies. By top dressing this product in the weeks leading up to departure you are allowing your animal to look their best even in stressful times. While at the show mix in the recommended amount into every gallon of water you provide your animal to achieve maximum fill and hydration. 

Optimum fill and hydration.

Restores depleted muscle cells.

Creates Fuller look.

Keeps animal looking fresh.

Support Muscle contraction and nerve conduction.


Cattle: Feed 1oz top dress 14 days prior to show.

Add 8oz ( I cup) per gallon of water while at the show every time you water animal. 

Optional- 1oz top dress per feeding at show.


Hogs , Sheep & Goats: feed ½ oz. top dress prior to show.

Add 4oz (1/2 Cup) per gallon of water while at the show every time you water.

Optional- 1/2oz top dress per feeding at show.






Price: $46.75 

Blondie Touch-Up is the final touch-up for covering adhesives and leg builders on light yellow, cream and butterscotch colored hair, especially on Composite Charolais cattle. Blondie Touch-Up provides excellent coverage, texture and color dimension to enhance your animal's natural hair color. Select single or case and specify quantity below.
Price: $8.75 

Stronger, Longer, Better. These are the words that describe the new Sullivan’s Smart Scrub Brush. Made in the USA, this brush is created from high quality material for a more durable brush. With its added length and openings on the strap, the Smart Scrub will comfortably fit any sized hand. Multi-purpose brush equipped with soft, fluffer style bristles; for all forms of hair working routines.

Price: $6.95 


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