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With the overwhelming success of Stand-Alone we are pleased to offer swine breeders and showman a top quality supplement specifically designed for pigs. With its unique combination of yeast and vitamins and minerals you can be sure to stand alone from the competition. A 1 gallon supply will last 24 days, a 2.5 gallon supply will last 60 days, and a 5 gallon supply will last 120 days. Shake Well. Spigot sold separately.

Feeding directions: Feed 3 oz. per head daily when pig is 45-100 pounds. Increase to 5-6 oz. per head daily when pig reaches 100-200 pounds. Feed market pigs over 200 pounds, gilts, and boars 6-8 oz. daily. For best results, mix two parts water to one part Stand Alone. Feeding directions are guidelines and individual animal's needs may vary.  

Price: $45.00 

The Sullivan’s Total Grip Show Stick is the perfect stick for any professional showman wanting something unique but with a professional look. This all black show stick includes top to bottom coverage of our Sullivan's Texturized Grip. With a black tip, this is a very sleek designed show stick. Easier grip for choking up. Great for kids! Comes in 54", 60", and 68".
Regular Price: $34.50
On Sale For: $31.05 

This popular Polo tee will look great around the cattle shows! 100% Cotton.

Price: $45.50 

Getting your animal to the condition you want can be a stressful situation when they are sluggish eaters or simply won’t eat. With Sullivan’s Devour It let worrying about consumption be a thing of the past. Devour It is specifically formulated to enhance appetite and get your animal on track. The all-natural ingredients in Devour It includes natural oil extracts from garlic and cinnamon. These natural oils change the microbial community in the rumen, increasing the availability of peptides and amino acids, which stimulate the growth of important rumen bacteria, this results in rumen efficiency, reduces incidence of bloat and increases gain. Devour It also contains Vitamin B12, resulting in boosted energy levels to combat fatigue and sluggishness during times of stress. 12 lb. bucket. 120 day supply.
Feeding Directions: Feed 1oz per head per day top-dress. Feed every day to keep your animals appetite active. If your animal is off feed use Sullivan’s Show Road Appetite Express + paste in conjunction with Devour It to replenish the good bacteria in the rumen allowing your animal to get back on track faster.

Regular Price: $86.75
On Sale For: $78.08 

Sullivan’s Bucket Caddy

Keep your feed and tack area well organized and more spacious with Sullivan’s NEW Bucket Caddy. This all metal structure will hold up to 6 Buckets/Tubs (Square or Round) in the center body area, while also holding a variety of smaller tubs and containers on the detachable side shelf. The detachable side shelf consists of three 13” W x 9” D shelves to hold not only smaller containers but also to hold your feed scoop, keeping it from getting misplaced. The Bucket Caddy comes equipped with large flat free tires and a handle for easy transport.

Main body: 62”H x 31” W x 13.75” D     
Shelf: 36.5” H x 13.375” W x 9.375” D

·         Holds large variety of buckets, tubs 
            and other containers.
·         Detachable Shelving
·         Flat Free Tires
·         Storage Saver
·         Organizes Feed and Tack Area


Regular Price: $255.00
On Sale For: $242.25 


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