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MoorMan’s ShowTec Show Prep for Pigs is a unique complete feed designed specifically for feeding to show pigs the night before and the day of a show. Show Prep combines essential nutrients and components needed and desired for an all-in-one show feed formulated for feeding to finished show pigs during show time. In most cases, it eliminates the need to top-dress additional supplements, making feeding prior to show time easy and convenient. Show Prep provides the components necessary to keep show pigs alert, bright, and hydrated while enhancing fill and expression. Comes in a 5 lb. bag.
Price: $9.65 

Everyone has been asking for a larger chute. One with more room to fit in, but one that will also fit in your trailer easily; well your wish is our command. Sullivan’s Stretch Cadillac Chute is the most unique chute to date. With a telescoping aluminum foundation, the Stretch can expand from a 6.5 ft. compact storage mode to an impressive 9 ft. show day mode, making it both the smallest and largest grooming chute on the market. Designed with the showman in mind. In storage mode the Stretch Cadillac will fit practically anywhere in your trailer. In show day mode the Stretch will give you extra length to hold your largest animal, allowing you to have space behind to work around. Each extension has a built-in stopper to keep pieces secure. Also included on this chute is a ridged area on the headpiece that prevents the halter from sliding down the bars when tied.

**Floor Sold Separately**

: Simply unfold the front and back of chute, insert pins, then loosen the two round flat head bolts on the base of chute with the attached tool. Once both bolts have been loosened, simply extend the chute by pulling from the back. When fully extended, carefully tighten the base bolts. Then loosen bolts on top bars and expand to chute length, place pins and tighten bolts. Repeat with sidebars, and lastly place your extension padded floor in the space allowed.

: First remove top and sidebars then loosen bolts at the base of the  chute. Once bolts are loosened, lift the back of the chute up allowing the extension floor to drop. Slide the chute into itself and tighten the base bolts. Unpin and fold down front and back upright bars, loosen bolts on the top and sidebars to fit into allowed spaces and tighten bolts. Make sure all bolts and pins are tight and secured prior to transportation.
Price: $1,085.00 

MoorMan's ShowTec Navigator is a top-dress supplement for exhibitors that are committed to winning, it's intended to supplement show pig complete rations for enhanced lean growth and muscle expression. Designed to be top-dressed at 4-8 oz./head/day as a replacement for 1-2 lb. of complete feed. Comes in a 5 lb. bucket
Price: $45.25 

Sullivan’s Lakeside Lights are specifically engineered, no heat, 24-volt lights that will chase the shadows away. Made from the highest quality LED crystals on the market for the best over all lighting. Each specially engineered circuit board is placed inside an extruded aluminum housing making these lights not only light weight with a slim design, but they are also durable and moisture resistant. The entire kit of lights connect to each other for one continuous stretch of lighting without needing multiple power supplies. Each light gives you two options for mounting: One option is magnets built into the housing of each light made for steel chutes, steel fan cages and other equipment. The other is a Velcro strap for aluminum chutes and other aluminum items, these straps easily slide through the built-in brackets and fasten with no over lap. Four kits available starting with the most affordable, the Starter Kit, up to the impressive Deluxe Kit.

•Highest quality LED crystals   •No heat   •Slim design  
•Easy attachment   •Directional Lighting   •Moisture resistant 
•All lights connect using one power supply.

***Choose between four options:
LLSK - Lakeside Lights Starter Kit:
2, 65” light bar; 1, 60W transformer; 1, 40” 3-W; 9 velcro straps; & 1 PVC case

LLUK - Lakeside Lights Upgrade Kit:
4, 65” light bar; 1, 26” light bar; 1, 185W transformer; 1, 14” 3-Way w/ switch; 2, 12” cords; 3, 12” cords w/ switch; 4 female caps; 12 velcro straps; & 1 packaging

LLK - Lakeside Lights Standard Kit:
2, 65” light bar; 4, 40” light bar; 1, 26” light bar, 185W power transformer; 17 velcro straps; all connections necessary allowing vertical shut off independently; & 1 PVC shipping/carrying case

LLDK - Lakeside Lights Deluxe Kit:
6, 65” light bar; 1, 26” light bar; 1, power transformer; 12 velcro straps; all connections necessary allowing verticals to shut off independently; & PVC shipping/carrying case

Price: $649.50 

We are very happy to introduce the new line of Sullivan Supply apparel! Now you can rep your favorite show supply company in all these cool and comfortable options. 100% Polyester. Men's fit.
Price: $69.75 


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