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A breakthrough maximum strength Joint Supplement. Based upon the same principles as the tremendous joint product, Natural Stride that features Cetyl Myristoleate. EXTREME also contains Glucosamine, MSM, and Hyaluronic Acid for maximum results. Supports healthy joint cartilage along with flexibility and motion. Intended for breeding animals only. 

Price: $89.95 

Great to keep food and beverages cold. It can also house a hurricane fogger to keep you cattle cool. Such a versatile product, 60qt and it comes with wheels.
Price: $35.50 

This is a fun item for any time of year!

What better way to pass some down

time at the junior nationals or the

county fair than to play catch. Made of

foam. Now 9” long.

Price: $9.50 

• This convenient 7 ounce can is 60% of our standard size cans and is easy to use for ANY age

or hand size. Available in Prime Time and Tail Adhesive.

• Improves your show day grooming techniques because of less hand fatigue, especially on long

show days. Enables more accurate spraying and better control.

• Easier to Grip - The smaller diameter of the Handy Cans allows for a stronger hand grip enabling

your fingers to be closer to the spray tip for better leverage to spray.

• A Better Feel. Fits snug into your palm and fingers for more comfort and less strain to your

sensitive fingers. Requires less muscle strain and finger strength.

Price: $6.95 

Really fun colors. There are so many places these can go.
Price: $1.95 


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