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The New Staggered Bristle Roto Brush has rows with staggered lengths of bristles, one row with long, the next row being 1/4” shorter. The short-cut rows allow the long bristles to work deeper into the hair. This creates more lift and volume to the hair, prevents the matted look and invigorates gentle stimulation to the hair base for new hair growth and faster hair training.

The short rows are cut to a length 1/4” shorter. Lime green color allows for easy visual while working with all hair colors. The soft, gentle grade of synthetic bristles prevents the brush from being too harsh as compared to stiffer roto brushes that can scratch and irritate the hide. Lock nut keeps the brush securely tight and free from spinning loose. Flat side of bolt allows it to lock tight in the drill and keep from spinning loose.

Regular Price: $22.50
On Sale For: $20.25 

This Vintage shirt is made up of 94% Ring Spun Cotton and 6% Organic Ring Spun Cotton. This Vintage logo is great for any Cattleman.

Regular Price: $19.50
On Sale For: $12.00 

This ladies tee has one of our newest graphic designs. Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Black tee with grey and white logo.
Regular Price: $14.75
On Sale For: $10.00 

• Great for the showman with smaller hands that struggles to grip and spray the can while grooming.

• Features the exclusive full length designed FullGrip™ Trigger that makes it eight times easier to spray. Better grip leverage for any hand size.

• More gentle on the fingers and hands without giving up the control of the spray.

• Easily snaps onto can; easy off. The Handy Can Sprayer™ is made in the USA and

designed with a hug grip that stays perfectly attached to the can.

• Many uses: adhesives, touch-ups, Hocus Pocus

Price: $5.95 

This NEW, composite sweating system features the benefits of neoprene and the durability of leather all in one deluxe unit. The removable neoprene lining is constructed of the same closed cell SBR copolymer neoprene material as our popular BLACK HEAT Neck Sweat. This material has been scientifically proven to be ideal to reach maximum sweating potential for cattle. It is sewn with a no-fray fabric binding around the outer edges to prevent tearing. The durable leather casing surrounds the neoprene to provide support and protection. Velcro attaches the neoprene to the leather, holding it firmly in place, yet allowing it to be removable for easy cleaning or replacement. Available in two sizes.

Price: $85.50 


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