Straight Chuter


The Straight Chuter allows you to fit your animal alongside of your stock trailer. Really convenient for weekend jackpot shows when you are able to stall and fit outside by your trailer.

To assemble, simply unfold, erect and pull your trailer into position so that the tires are resting on top of the Straight Chuter base. The weight of
the trailer will keep the Straight Chuter firmly in place.

The Sullivan’s Straight Up Bars easily attach to the Straight
Chuter as pictured to create a complete set-up. (sold separately)
It quickly folds up to allow for space saving storage and easy hauling. Handle on top for carrying. Constructed of durable 2” square aluminum tubing. Do not use without the base being positioned under the
weight of trailer tire(s).

Dimensions: Erected: 45” wide x 61” tall. Folded: 45” wide
x 32” long x 11” thick.


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Additional information

Weight 52.00 lbs
Dimensions 45.00 × 32.00 × 11.00 in