In today’s competitive show ring setting, it is fundamental to have a sleek, fresh skin and hair coat to ultimately reach the grand drive. Smolder has specially formulated natural emollients and conditioners that enrich and improve the quality skin and hair quality of your hogs. Using Smolder allows your pig to have an unforgettable fresh, healthy look and feel of a champion.

During show season, use Smolder as a daily conditioning treatment at home to prevent dry, scaly skin. Spray onto your show pig and brush-in thoroughly. Because there is no requirement to wash out Smolder, repeat this process daily to reach that ultimate show ring shine. Two times a week, after letting it absorb into the skin and hair, rinse off with water. Apply more often if needed.

For use at a pig show, continue your daily conditioning treatment the night before and morning of the show. Be sure to wash off thoroughly before show time.

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