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Hog Heaven™
The show day product that works on all colors or breeds of show pigs. Spray over entire pig and brush dry. Mist pig with water and brush hair in desired direction. This will bring out a natural sheen. For best results use the daily Swine Shine treatment prior to show day.

Swine Shine™
This daily product restores the natural shine eliminated by washing and clipping. Will also rid your show pig of dull, dry looking hair and chafing skin. Shake well and spray liberally over entire pig, brushing deep into the hair roots and skin. Let soak for at least 30 minutes (overnight will obtain best results), then rinse with water to remove excess Swine Shine. Repeat this process as often as conditioning of skin and hair is needed. Warning: Keep pigs out of sunlight after a coat of Swine Shine is applied, sunburn may result.

Sun-Guard Sunscreen™ - “Prevent the Sunburn”
This tremendous sunscreen is specially formulated with a high SPF to protect livestock against sunburn. Simply spray evenly over the entire body before exposing the animal to the sun and prior to hauling to shows. Re-apply throughout the day or as needed. Great for pigs and slick-sheared cattle. Does not require washing out.

Sudden Impact™
This exceptional aerosol product promotes healthy skin and hair on show pigs. Use at home by spraying over entire body and brush or rub in with hands. Extremely dry skin may require multiple applications. Does not require washing out with soap. For show day preparation, apply 30 minutes prior to showing and then mist lightly with water. Sudden Impact is an oil based product. For shows that do not allow oils, use Hog Heaven on show day. Shake well before each use.