Sullivan Supply's Youth Scholarship

$20,000 in scholarships

20 scholarships worth $1000 each

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Candidate requirements:

  1. Open to College Students 21 years of age or younger and graduating high school seniors.

  2. U.S. and Canadian residents eligible. Previous Sullivan scholarship winners not eligible to reapply.
  3. Previous Sullivan scholarship winners not eligible to reapply.

Please include the following:

  1. List/describe your school, community, 4-H and/or FFA involvement. There is no limit on this essay.

  2. Describe your involvement and experience in the livestock showing and/or raising along with your future goals and career plans in an essay no more than 2 typed pages.
  3. One letter of recommendation must accompany each application. One only, please.
  4. No transcripts, please.
  5. Return completed application and a recent head shot photo by March 15, 2018 by email or US mail. Do not send application in more than once.

Twenty $1000 scholarships will be awarded to individuals displaying a great passion for the livestock show industry and/or livestock production. An agriculture major or a career goal in livestock is not a requirement but a continued future involvement in the livestock industry is. The scholarship is funded solely through Sullivan Supply and Sullivan Supply South. The scholarship recipients will be selected by a committee of five industry leaders that will be kept confidential to promote objectivity. Members of the Sullivan family or Sullivan Supply employees or immediate family members will not serve on this committee nor will they be eligible to receive the scholarships. All scholarship recipients will be announced on our website on May 1, 2018.


Two separate ways to apply and submit application (choose one only):

  1. Students may fill out an application and submit it online by clicking on the "Submit Application Online" button below.
    • A number will be assigned to your application when you apply online. You will receive this number via a confirmation email. Give this number to the person filling out the recommendation letter. They will need it to submit their letter. The picture you will be asked to upload should be a high resolution (300 dpi) head shot picture which will be used for press releases.

    • A recommendation form may be filled out and submitted online by clicking on the "Submit Recommendation Online" button below.
  2. Students who want to fill out an application to send by mail may download the application by clicking on the "Download Application" button below.  When mailing in your application, please include a  a high resolution (300 dpi) head shot picture or print with your name on the back for press releases and ONE letter of recommendation. You do NOT have to mail in a transcript. Click on the save button when the PDF file opens to download a copy of the application to your computer.