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Cruise Control Sheep/Goat Cable Halter 3/32

Cruise Control Sheep/Goat Cable Halter 3/32

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Cruise Control Sheep/Goat Cable Halter 3/32" 

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Cruise Control Sheep/Goat Cable Halters are made of 3/32" galvanized cable. Cables are completely adjustable. Please be sure to tighten all screws before use and any time you adjust. Regarding the fit of halter, make sure that you have little to no slack.You can use the halters in all aspects of daily care, as well as in the show ring. Cruise Control Cable Halters are designed to help young showmen control their show animals. For those unruly lambs/goats that won't walk, are hard to control, and just won't cooperate in the show ring.

*This halter is not to be used for breaking.
Price: $32.50 
SKU: CCSG (2854)


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