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Sullivan's Show Pig Head Trainer

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Sullivan's Show Pig Head Trainer

Sullivan's Show Pig Head Trainer

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Sullivan's Show Pig Head Trainer 

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Train your hogs to drive with ease! Used for head training and training reinforcement. The Head Trainer is made of extremely light weight aluminum and is 36 inches in length. Use two head trainers for initial training and graduate to one. Great to use in conjunction with the Head's Up Pig Whip.

Choose between three color options: Black, Blue and Red

Fast Track Instructions:

1. For the best results start using The Head Trainer as soon as you begin walking/training your pig. We recommend using two head trainers, one for each side of the pig or one head trainer and one Sullivan Supply whip.

2. As you walk the pig begin gently tapping the curved end of The Head Trainer under the chin of the pig which will encourage them to keep their head up.

3. Most pigs when started early will respond to training quickly. Continue to use The Head Trainer while you walk and practice working your pig at home and slowly wean using the trainer until you are only using a whip on show day.
Price: $29.50 
SKU: THT (2765)


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