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Sullivan’s “NEW” Chute Dolly

Sullivan’s “NEW” Chute Dolly

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Chute Dolly 

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Sullivan’s New “Chute Dolly” is designed to make moving your chute effortless. Made from light weight steel tubing with no assembly required, and has 10” no-flat tires. The convenient spring loaded handle with rubber grips lets you pick up your chute with ease, eliminating having to bend over. Simply pull “T” handle back to pull chute up off the ground. Simply slide the cradle of Sullivan’s Chute Dolly under chute to lift with ease. Sullivan’s Chute Dolly’s unique design can allow you to get your chute into most any tight area with its capability to turn at 90 degree’s. Get tired while hauling your chute long distances? Well, we designed this Chute Dolly so that you can let it rest in its cradle without having to lower it and pick it up again. (Chute sold separately.)
Price: $169.95 
SKU: CD (2617)


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