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The first livestock shampoo to scientifically produce hair volume!
     Vita Hair Volumizer™ Foaming Shampoo is formulated with a natural plant-based proprietary surfactant technology which creates an opposite acting polar electrical charge within each hair strand that actually pushes every hair follicle apart. This prevents the hair from sticking together, and actually springs it loose, making each hair follicle stand on end for a noticeable difference in hair volume and body.
     This, never before offered, exclusive chemistry for livestock consists of chemically altered ions. Ions are small electrical molecules within surfactants that usually have positive or negative charges which create an attraction to each other. In livestock hair, this attraction causes hair follicles to stick to each other. The non-ionic chemistry of Vita Hair Volumizer™ inhibits an unusual neutral charge to the ionic molecule of each follicle creating no attraction or pull between the hair strands. This neutral charge actually enables each hair follicle to stand free for extreme hair separation.
    All this with a plant based neutral pH makes it gentle and nourishing to the hide and hair as it gently cleans deep, down to the roots of each hair follicle. Fortified with Sullivan’s VITA HAIR™ a nourishing vitamin package to boost hair and skin health without added weight to hair. Designed to be used in a foamer.
     A true “game changer” in hair performance!
Price: $34.50 

Gives your show pig that massive fresh look on show day. Just mix one 4 oz. bottle with one gallon of drinking water to hydrate muscle and maximize top/side expression. Or use Purple Rain™ as a top dress to spike appetite in high-stress situations.
Price: $4.95 

Metallic Black • Powerful, heavy-duty, 2-speed detachable blade clipper. 2 speeds (2,300/4,500 strokes per minute). Anti-slip, soft grip housing for secure hold.
Price: $209.95 

The #1 daily hair care brush just got a big brother. To complement the Original Smart Sensation, we are pleased to introduce the XL. The XL is a wider version with 10 rows containing 199 uniquely placed ball-tipped teeth. These extra rows contain 54% more teeth to create more gentle, stimulating contact to the skin and hair with each stroke which stimulates the natural oils from the skin to coat the hair and promote healthy hair growth. The XL amplifies the volume of the hair as it lifts it up from the hide without causing curls, kinks or matting that are often associated with rice root or massage brushes.
Price: $25.50 

The NEW 1st-Class Show Halter combines the class and sleekness of matching leather and hardware with our popular NEW Sullivan’s Showman’s Texturized Grip making it a one-stop shop when choosing a halter. This halter looks clean and flawless in the show ring without drawing attention away from the animal.
• The leather, hardware and grip all correspond in color.
• A sleek and elegant look without distracting away from the animal.
• NEW Sullivan’s Showman’s Texturized Grip for a comfortable non-slip grip. Patent pending
Price: $49.75