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These straps made from a durable double webbing nylon material
has a heavy duty clip that will hold most anything tight. No more
wire needed with these Handi Straps. Straps come in 2’ and 3’ lengths.
Price: $4.95 

The Lamb Sweat is a great tool for removing unwanted fat cover from the neck, shoulder and rack area while leaving the top exposed. The Lamb Sweat is made of a durable neoprene material that will yield tremendous results. The removable Velcro straps allow you to adjust and hold it securely in place to achieve a perfect fit. If needed, the material can be trimmed to allow for a custom fit. Medium fits 100 to 160 lbs and Large fits 160 lbs and up.
Price: $79.95 

28 oz. Jar • Chill Factor encourages internal body cooling and a sense of calming. By supplementing higher levels of L-Tryptophan, and with Bee Pollen’s circulatory benefits, Chill Factor is able to “chill” the animal’s body temperature in a safe, all-natural way. This combination is epic for the livestock show industry: by better controlling body temperatures you can keep the animal looking and performing at its optimal level. L-Tryptophan is also known as a precursor to serotonin production which has been clinically proven to naturally calm and relax, thus leaving you with a more manageable animal. Chill Factor should be fed for a minimum of 12 days prior to showing for maximum results. Long term feeding for problematic animals (whether heat or attitude related) is safe and effective. Cool them down with Chill Factor! For livestock over 1,000 pounds, feed 2 scoops per day; under 1,000 lbs., feed 1 scoop per day. Jar is 40 to 80 day supply, depending on animal size.
Price: $126.95 

A flexible brush with a comfortable, adjustable nylon strap and the exact same pliable teeth as our popular massage brush used for training hair and washing livestock. Expect improved comfort and control as the Flex Brush naturally contours to the animal’s body shape. Purple only.
Price: $12.50 

An egg based meal supplement to enhance show ring eye appeal and freshness. The wear and tear of jackpot shows takes a toll on your show pig. Ultimately, freshness in the show ring is the deciding factor for most judges. Fresh N Up helps keep your pig looking youthful and fresh throughout the entire show season. It gives you improved skin and hair along with a massive show ring bloom. Top dress 8 oz./head/day. A must to feed with Stand Still when holding weight! Available in a 5 lb. bucket (10 day supply) or 60 lb. bucket (60 day supply).
Price: $23.95