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You will make a statement when you step into the ring with a Crystal Handle Pig Whip. The handles are wrapped and decorated with genuine Czech perciosa crystals and then finished with a classy aluminum milled end cap. The shafts are covered in high quality braided wrapped materials, with eye catching color combinations. Whips are 39” in length with a 6” frayed popper that is designed to assist in lifting your pig’s head for maximum show ring appearance. Four color choices.
Price: $34.50 

The Lamb Sweat is a great tool for removing unwanted fat cover from the neck, shoulder and rack area while leaving the top exposed. The Lamb Sweat is made of a durable neoprene material that will yield tremendous results. The removable Velcro straps allow you to adjust and hold it securely in place to achieve a perfect fit. If needed, the material can be trimmed to allow for a custom fit. Medium fits 100 to 160 lbs and Large fits 160 lbs and up.
Price: $79.95 

40 pound tub • 106 day supply •
“The secret to eye appealing show cattle!”
Feminine shape and freshness in the front end of your show animal spells ultimate success or failure in the show ring today. Tried and true for many years, Fresh & Feminine™ has been the secret at Sullivan farms for over 10 years. It has been an integral part of their feeding regiment and credited with producing outstanding freshness and ultimate show ring success of their cattle at major shows for years. The superior science of Fresh & Feminine™ features strategic vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and by-pass protein sources. This chemistry boosts metabolic fat burning that targets specific areas of the body to reduce fat content, most notably in the neck and brisket area. As a result, the heifer has a more feminine, attractive physique and even moves better. This helps to offset the results seen from aggressive, high energy show cattle diets. All natural and fertility safe for open & bred heifers, steers or bulls.
Top dress 6 oz./head/day to cattle of this pelleted supplement until desired freshness is achieved.
Price: $175.50 

Hair Thickening Powder • The first HAIR BUILDING powder spray designed for livestock hair. POWDER'FUL creates added depth and dimension to each hair follicle during the hair building process, without the appearance of becoming too heavy, globby, or unnatural. Great for legs, bellies, flanks, top-lines and tail heads. As an added benefit, after applying over adhesives, the drying powder agents contained in POWDER'FUL allow the hair to be clipped easily, better than any previously known product. The only product on the market that can give you a fuller and bigger look without adding on layers of paint and adhesive, which leaves the hair wet, heavy, and unnatural. It leaves the hair looking fuller without being able to tell there is anything there. The two color options, white and black, make it easy to build legs without having to use an excess of paint to cover it up. ALL AEROSOLS MUST BE SHIPPED GROUND.THEY CANNOT GO NEXT DAY, SECOND DAY, OR THIRD DAY AIR.
Price: $9.75 

Texturized grip covered wood handle • 1/2 " longer teeth for today's trend of longer thicker hair! This comb is the answer for longer haired cattle. By adding extra length to the teeth we have eliminated the hair from touching the comb bar, allowing even the longest hair to stand on end. With our patent pending Teflon coating, this comb will glide through even the longest hair making for leg perfection!
Price: $39.75