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• Keeps Pigs on Track • Soft Tassels Leaves Skin Flawless • Comfort Grip • High quality pig whip designed to keep your pigs attention. Comfortable texturized grip handle with chrome accents. The 6" frayed tassel popper comes in five color options: Neon Pink, Lime Green, Orange, Purple, and Black. 39" whip length from end to end without the tassel.
Price: $29.50 

Made of Tricot Poly Spandex with a four-way stretch. The tight fit allows for a comfortable wear and good lateral movement in a durable package. Also, sewn with finished seams made with durable thread designed for everyday wear and tear.
• New Fit with larger leg openings
• Machine Washable
• S/S Logo
• New Finished Edges, and 4 way stretch elastic for a more durable product allowing more wears in a show season.
(Leg tubes sold separately.)

X-Small (50-80 lbs)
Small (80-115 lbs)
Medium (115-135 lbs)
Large (135-160 lbs)
X-Large (160-180 lbs)
Price: $27.50 

Get tired while hauling your chute long distances? Sullivan’s New Chute Dolly is designed to make moving your chute almost effortless. Made from light weight steel tubing with no assembly required, and has 10” no-flat tires. This convenient spring loaded handle with rubber grips lets you pick up your chute with ease, eliminating having to bend over. Simply slide the cradle of the dolly under the chute, and pull the “T” handle back to lift the chute off the ground with ease. Sullivan’s Chute Dolly’s unique design can allow you to get your chute into most any tight areas with its capability to turn at 90 degrees.
Price: $169.95 


Black Gold Wash/Balm is a patented, moisturizing antiseptic that has been proven to work on all species including swine, sheep, goats, cattle, and horses. Black Gold Wash/Balm is both safe and drug free and does not have a withdrawal time. Black Gold Wash/Balm is recommended for use on any type of skin irritations, redness, swelling, cuts, scrapes, burns, staph, strep and anything related to fungus/yeast on an animals skin.


For best results, use Black Gold Wash twice a day by pouring shampoo directly on the animals and scrubbing with a loufa or soft brush. The wash/shampoo should kill the infected area and get in pores to keep from spreading throughout the body, while moisturizing the skin. Most issues will improve almost immediately and should be completely gone in 48-72 hours. For faster results, upon completion of washing, apply Black Gold Balm directly on localized areas with problems.

BLACK GOLD BALM: Apply to any redness at a show including moderate to severe cuts, scrapes, burns, irritations, skin reactions, breakouts, staph, strep, etc.

ADDITIONAL USES: To disinfect sows and gilts headed into crate and to moisturize teets. To be foamed on large quantities of animals as a disinfectant or moisturizing aid. Balm can also be used for red/allergy driven eyes and applied directly in eyeball.
Price: $65.00 

Brought to you by popular demand! Introducing Final Bloom, Revive Lite and Vita Hair Volumizer air fresheners. The scents of these products have become as popular as the products themselves. Now you are able to take your favorite product scents with you wherever you go.
If ordering 50 or more the price will be $3.95 each. (When ordering the new Final Bloom, Revive Lite of Volumizer air fresheners by themselves, shipping will be by the US Postal Service and depending on the amount ordered, most shipping costs will be under $3. The shipping amount will be corrected when your order is processed.)
Price: $4.50 


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