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With the overwhelming success of StandAlone for Cattle we are pleased to offer goat breeders and showman a top quality supplement specifically designed for goats. With it’s unique combination of yeast and vitamins and minerals you can be sure to stand alone from the competition.

Feed 1-2 oz per head daily when show animal is first obtained. Increase to 3-4 oz per head daily when goat reaches 70 pounds or as needed. Feed bucks for breeding 4 oz per head daily. Feeding directions are guidelines. Usage should vary with weight, age, and activity levels.

A 1 gallon supply will last 48 days.

A 2.5 gallon supply will last 122 days.

A 5 gallon supply will last 244 days.
Price: $55.00 

The New 1st-Class show halter combines the class and sleekness
of matching leather and hardware with our popular new Sullivan’s Showman's Texturized grip making it a one stop shop when choosing a halter. This halter looks clean and flawless in the show ring without drawing attention away from the animal. The black leather option includes Sullivan’s all black hardware with a black texturized grip.
Price: $49.75 

The ladies performance hoodie has an athletic fit, made to keep you warm in the outdoor elements. Great to wear trending at school or the next livestock show. Periwinkle with gray logo • 100% Polyester
Price: $46.50 

This hoodie has a fun logo for the youth, available in two colors. 100% Polyester • Blue with orange & blue logo or Red with black & gray logo
Price: $36.50 

1 liter bottle • A unique liquid supplement, can be mixed with water, used as a drench, top-dressed on feed or administered via a medicator. Use during stress periods or on show day. Contains multiple prebiotics, electrolytes, niacin, vitamins and flavors to support digestive health and promote water and feed intake. Effective on all species. Follow label directions for feeding to each species.
Price: $32.95