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Our newest and most exciting line of Show Pig Sticks. These sticks are made using a sturdy 1/2" aluminum shaft. Six flashy patterns are sure to get you noticed in the ring. These lightweight sticks feature a custom non slip grip for a sure hold. The overall length is 36"
Price: $24.50 

The New Staggered Bristle Roto Brush has rows with staggered lengths of bristles, one row with long, the next row being 1/4” shorter. The short-cut rows allow the long bristles to work deeper into the hair. This creates more lift and volume to the hair, prevents the matted look and invigorates gentle stimulation to the hair base for new hair growth and faster hair training.

The short rows are cut to a length 1/4” shorter. Lime green color allows for easy visual while working with all hair colors. The soft, gentle grade of synthetic bristles prevents the brush from being too harsh as compared to stiffer roto brushes that can scratch and irritate the hide. Lock nut keeps the brush securely tight and free from spinning loose. Flat side of bolt allows it to lock tight in the drill and keep from spinning loose.

Price: $22.50 

MoorMan's ShowTec EatMoor is a unique, one-of-a-kind, top-dress supplement that stimulates appetite, enhances healthy digestion, and gives animals the edge needed to resist the effects of stress such as hauling and showing.
Price: $61.50 

Hair Savior™ is just that!

Finally, a liquid adhesive breakdown that is healthy for your leg hair.

Hair Savior™ adhesive breakdown features a proprietary blend of the purest, mild cosmetic grade plant-based ester technologies to naturally attack and gently remove adhesives and touch-ups away from the hair. These specific plant based surfactants have been specially identified for their unique ability to naturally counter-act the tackiness of adhesives, changing their rubberized molecular resin structure to gently dissolve the bond from the hair without any harsh stripping action. This properly balanced pH formula prevents heavy, oily residues and will not create heat. Contains the Sullivan’s VITA HAIR™ nourishing vitamin package. Hair Savior™ is the first liquid adhesive breakdown product with added hair vitamins to hydrate and regenerate the hair. Mild and gentle, no harsh chemicals like other removers.

Hair Savior™ ... the showman’s choice for repetitive show schedules and leg

hair health!

Price: $25.50 

32% shorter and 11% smaller diameter as compared to our full size Roto brush. It works excellent for working leg hair or wool on all livestock, especially small animals such as sheep, goats, miniature cattle and even show pigs. It is easier to maneuver between legs on small livestock. It is also more comfortable for a young person who normally struggles to handlea full size roto brush. Features the same bristlelength and row pattern as our Staggered Bristle Roto Brush. Creates tremendous life, volume and stimulation to the hair and wool. 4” long.

Price: $17.50 


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