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This handy new head piece is great for use at home or at the shows. It is especially valuable at shows when stands are not allowed because of limited space. It simply attaches to almost any fence panel with its unique ability to rotate 180 degrees and clamp onto either vertical or horizontal panel bars. Made from durable steel, yet is light in weight. Adjustable in height. Complete with headpiece.

Price: $79.95 

Bold new safari patterns make these the hottest show pig whips on the market! Soft molded handle for lasting comfort and chrome end cap adds the look of class. 39” length. Available in Mossy Oak, Muddy Girl, and Water Drops.

Price: $24.50 

The Smart Comb™ is just that ... a multi-tasking, yet the lightest weight comb on the market, with interchangeable blades that securely snap in and out of a plastic handle alowing you to pick the blade of choice. Comes as a complete unit with Sullivan’s Stimulator, Fluffer and Skip Tooth blades in one package. Or you can purchase separately as a handle and your choice of a blade. Smart ... light weight ... and economical. Made in the USA!

Regular Price: $37.50
On Sale For: $33.75 

Get more leg hair perfection with Sullivan’s NEW Teflow Combs. The NEW show day comb for leg grooming. Teflon is a solid polymer that is considered to be one of the world’s most slippery and water resistant substances. It has one of the lowest measured coefficients of friction of any compound. For our application, it creates a baked-on surface to the comb teeth for reduced friction and a non-stick lubricant that allows the comb to glide through the hair easier, especially with a sticky substance like adhesives.

Price: $34.50 

• This convenient 7 ounce can is 60% of our standard size cans and is easy to use for ANY age

or hand size.

• Improves your show day grooming techniques because of less hand fatigue, especially on long

show days. Enables more accurate spraying and better control.

• Easier to Grip - The smaller diameter of the Handy Cans allows for a stronger hand grip enabling

your fingers to be closer to the spray tip for better leverage to spray.

• A Better Feel. Fits snug into your palm and fingers for more comfort and less strain to your

sensitive fingers. Requires less muscle strain and finger strength.

Price: $6.95 


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