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Sullivan’s Lakeside Lights are specifically engineered, no heat, 24-volt lights that will chase the shadows away. Made from the highest quality LED crystals on the market for the best over all lighting. Each specially engineered circuit board is placed inside an extruded aluminum housing making these lights not only light weight with a slim design, but they are also durable and moisture resistant. The entire kit of lights connect to each other for one continuous stretch of lighting without needing multiple power supplies. Each light gives you two options for mounting: One option is magnets built into the housing of each light made for steel chutes, steel fan cages and other equipment. The other is a Velcro strap for aluminum chutes and other aluminum items, these straps easily slide through the built-in brackets and fasten with no over lap. Four kits available starting with the most affordable, the Starter Kit, up to the impressive Deluxe Kit.

•Highest quality LED crystals   •No heat   •Slim design  
•Easy attachment   •Directional Lighting   •Moisture resistant 
•All lights connect using one power supply.

***Choose between four options:
LLSK - Lakeside Lights Starter Kit:
2, 65” light bar; 1, 60W transformer; 1, 40” 3-W; 9 velcro straps; & 1 PVC case

LLUK - Lakeside Lights Upgrade Kit:
4, 65” light bar; 1, 26” light bar; 1, 185W transformer; 1, 14” 3-Way w/ switch; 2, 12” cords; 3, 12” cords w/ switch; 4 female caps; 12 velcro straps; & 1 packaging

LLK - Lakeside Lights Standard Kit:
2, 65” light bar; 4, 40” light bar; 1, 26” light bar, 185W power transformer; 17 velcro straps; all connections necessary allowing vertical shut off independently; & 1 PVC shipping/carrying case

LLDK - Lakeside Lights Deluxe Kit:
6, 65” light bar; 1, 26” light bar; 1, power transformer; 12 velcro straps; all connections necessary allowing verticals to shut off independently; & PVC shipping/carrying case

Price: $649.50 

The 1st Class Clipper Caddy is a top of the line, lightweight clipper caddy designed to hold a variety of clippers in a tough and durable aluminum box, that includes a padded divided section for blades and other utensils.  Coated with a scratch resistant black or copper hammer tone powder coat that completes the luxurious look of the 1st Class Clipper Caddy. 21.5" x 14"

Choose between Black or Copper below.

Price: $164.50 

Sullivan's Healthy Hide Lotion is formulated for use after shearing to help condition and soothe the hide. With the ability to penetrate deep into the hide, the lotion absorbs to heal skin cracks and abrasions, allowing for a tighter and fresher appearance. Select single or case, and specify quantity below.
--To use: Pour into hands and apply on the hide or spray directly onto the lamb. Best used after shearing, at shows, or as needed.
--Use Healthy Hide Heavy, during the winter months or when the temperature is below 65˚F
Regular Price: $22.50
On Sale For: $20.25 

1/2 " longer teeth for today's trend of longer thicker hair! This comb is the answer for longer haired cattle. By adding extra length to the teeth we have eliminated the hair from touching the comb bar, allowing even the longest hair to stand on end. With our patent pending Teflon coating, this comb will glide through even the longest hair making for leg perfection! Texturized grip covered wood handle.
Price: $39.75 

“The secret to eye appealing show cattle!”

Feminine shape and freshness in the front end of your show animal spells ultimate success or failure in the show ring today. Tried and true for many years, Fresh & Feminine™ has been the secret at Sullivan Farms for over 10 years. It has been an integral part of their feeding regiment and credited with producing outstanding freshness and ultimate show ring success of their cattle at major shows for years. The superior science of Fresh & Feminine™ features strategic vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and by-pass protein sources. This chemistry boosts metabolic fat burning that targets specific areas of the body to reduce fat content, most notably in the neck and brisket area. As a result, the heifer has a more feminine, attractive physique, and even moves better. This helps to offset the results seen from aggressive, high energy show cattle diets.All natural and fertility safe for open & bred heifers, steers, or bulls. Top dress 6 oz./head/day to cattle of this pelleted supplement until desired freshness is achieved. 40 pound tub. 106 day supply.


Regular Price: $175.50
On Sale For: $157.95 


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